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Freedom Design Co. - Website Design & Content Management

Freedom Design Co.

Well this is embarrassing…  We’ve been so busy designing other’s sites, we haven’t had time to design our own. Not to fear though, we’ll get this site finished up soon and I think you’ll LOVE it. For know, I hope you’ll contact us and let’s see how we can get you started with a website of your own.

Web Design

So here’s a little bit about us…  We make websites. We design them 100% on WordPress. Why, ask you? Because I find that WordPress is by far the most versatile and user friendly content management system (CMS) out there. We love it and believe that you’ll love it too.

Here’s what this means for you. We can design your site, we can help you maintain your site and we can also help you market your site. If you don’t want to write a thing but you want your business to have a blog that publishes content relative to your area of expertise… we can help with that too. Freedom Design Co. can do it all (by all, I basically just mean all that stuff I just mentioned).

That’s enough about us. What you really need right now is the contact form at the bottom of this page. That’s how you can contact us and we can start the process of designing a website. 

Hit us up! Let’s talk. We’ll be friends.

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Freedom Design Co. - Website Design & Content Management